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Ulur Wiji aspire to show local products from Indonesia have high value, ethically made and eco-friendly fashion, arts and cultural heritage. We care about empowerment of local wisdom. We have a big dream that someday through Ulur Wiji we can work together by empowering more young people and also mothers to create various kinds of products which needed by society but still comply with eco-friendly principles. 

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This year, 4/20 falls during the holy month of Ramadan and we're celebrating this unique intersection with a limited run of naturally dyed batik cannabis leaf bandana with 100% of the profits donated to Cannabis Amnesty. 

Batik tulis, or "handwritten" batik, is designed using a canting. This pen-like tool features a wooden handle, a copper container that holds the wax which connects to a copper spout that is used to draw the motif.

Our piece lovingly uses natural dyes. Colours and patterns may vary from piece to piece, making each garment one of a kind Colours variation tend to happen due to various reasons; water pH level, dye-bath temperature and timing while dyeing, natural dye materials harvested in different season.