About Us

Connecting North America to Indonesian culture through the method, stories, and history of traditional Batik

Solutions for here and abroad–Why we started

Once a widely treasured artform, traditional Batik in Indonesia is at risk of disappearing. The global demand for fast-fashion has led to fewer jobs and less pay for skilled artisans of the ancient craft. As new generations choose to work in fast-fashion over traditional Batik, the culture of Indonesia is becoming lost.

Founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada, The Batik Library is here to serve those needs both here and abroad. By connecting North America with Indonesian craft, we can improve the garment industry, empower the artisan community, and preserve Indonesian culture for future generations to come.

Why should you select traditional Batik?

Safer fo everyone

Naturally dyed, our textiles are healthier for you, the environment, and the artisans who create them.

Artisans are fairly Paid 

Customer makes a global impact, sustaining the artisan’s community / creating a market for the craft helps to preserve the practice for future generations.

Meaningful expression 

By wearing one of our pieces, you make a fashion choice that preserves and celebrates Indonesian tradition and culture.

Behind The Batik Library

Bernarda Antony

Bernarda Antony

Bernarda Antony has worked with Indonesian batik since her first collection. Through these traditional motifs, she incorporates legends and folklore into her elegant designs and maintains a connection to her home.

Nasta & Joko

Nasta & Joko

Ulur Wiji aspire to show local products from Indonesia have high value, ethically made and eco-friendly fashion, arts and cultural heritage. We care about empowerment of local wisdom.

A true story of impact

It was spring of 2021. In Indonesia, Nasta Rofika, an experienced Batik artisan, was
enduring the effects of the pandemic on her production business and on her community.
Young women from her town of Kemlagi, Mojokerto were coming to Nasta in search of
work. But despite Nasta’s desire to train and empower new artisans–mostly young
women and mothers–there simply was not enough work.
While Nasta was feeling discouraged in her local community, here in Canada, Bernarda
Antony was in need of traditional Batik samples to be made for her new boutique. Once
The Batik Library and Nasta got connected, the young women in Nasta’s community
were given new opportunities.
Nasta Rofika and her husband Joko Santoso are the founders of Ulur Wiji, The Batik
Library’s production partner in Indonesia. Their business aspires to showcase
Indonesian art and culture through products of high value made by eco-friendly and
ethical practices.
By training and providing jobs to local artisans, Ulur Wiji demonstrates that they care
about the empowerment of local wisdom.