Natural Dyes

"Natural dyes for textiles are generally obtained from extracts. The extracts come from various parts of plants such as roots, wood, leaves, seeds, or flowers. "

We want to take a step back and revert back to the traditional ways by using natural dyes. With proper handling, natural dye will not contribute to any of the water pollution already happening in rural areas in Indonesia. The use of local source for natural dye baths also creates a safe space for batik artisans to work.

Jolawe natural dye batik indonesia
Terminalia Belirica 
'Jolawe Fruit'


All about natural dyes are a courtesy from Nidiya Kusmaya Reasearch Lab

Nidiya Kusmaya​​ is a textile artist and researcher who works in a variety of textile materials and natural dyeing methods that could be applied to various art installations and products.

She travels a lot to some rural areas and Islands in Indonesia to educate and teach the craft people to explore new possibilities of natural dyeing for textile.








Asian Textile Studies