Batik Kit Guide

Welcome to our new community of batik artisans at home! Your support means a lot to us and contributes to continuing the tradition of Indonesian batik.

Your kit includes:

  • 2 sizes of canting
  • 50g block of malam (wax)*


Here are list of resources we've compiled based on the most frequently asked questions from our batik making workshop participants:

What's in your wax?
The Batik Library's malam blend consists of: beeswax, parafin, microcrystalline, pine, and damar resin; a specialized artisan combination for more pliable drying wax that will withhold the dyeing process.

Are there traditional Indonesian batik patterns I can try out?
We've compiled these free batik patterns that range from simple to intricate.

What should I use to melt my wax?
These are the mini skillets for wax melting we use at our batik making workshop. You may be able to find a local alternative on this product near you!

Is there a cheaper alternative for wax melting? 
If you're local to the Vancouver region or the lower mainland, The Batik Library also has mini skillets available for rent. Availability is dependent on upcoming workshops and events.

Enjoy your new batik set! We invite you to share with us the results and process on instagram or to email us at if you have any questions about your new kit.

Disclaimer: Please store the wax in room temperature (25℃ or 77℉) and burn with caution. Burn in well ventilated spaces only. Do not melt wax for longer than necessary. This product is not to be consumed. Please keep away from children and pets.