Batik Kit Guide

Welcome to our new community of batik artisans at home! Your support means a lot to us and contributes to continuing the tradition of Indonesian batik making.

Your kit includes:
2 size of canting tool and a 50gr The Batik Library developed Malam (wax)

Our Malam (wax) ingredients consists of: beeswax, parafin, microcrystalline, pine, and damar resin; a specialized artisan combination for more pliable drying wax that will withhold the dyeing process.

Enjoy your new batik set!

Disclaimer: Please store the wax in room temperature (25C or 77F) and burn with caution. Burn in well ventilated spaces only. Do not melt wax for longer than necessary. This product is not to be consumed. Please keep away from children and pets.

Free Batik Patterns download here

Join us on Dec 28th 4-6 for an in-person batik demonstration for your new kit! Email us if you’re interested in participating