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Ulurwiji - Kemlagi, Mojokerto - The Batik Library
Ulur Wiji means planting seeds in Javanese. We believes that if we sow good seed, it will grow into good trees. Same as tree seeds we also hope to plant seeds of kindness through Ulur Wiji activities to furthermore create good impacts for our society and the environment.


Ulur Wiji aspire to show local products from Indonesia have high value, ethically made and eco-friendly fashion, arts and cultural heritage. We care about empowerment of local wisdom. We have a big dream that someday through Ulur Wiji we can work together by empowering more young people and also mothers to create various kinds of products which needed by society but still comply with eco-friendly principles. 


This is an opportunity, because one of eco-fashion principle uses less energy. It means our product would requiring a lot of craftsman's hands, so we hope to contribute in socially and aconomcally by increasing their income through creating new jobs vacancy. As well through eco-fashion, it means that we also participate in utilizing and exploring nature wisely and conserving the environment better.
#ConscienceCraft for #TanamKebaikan to our society



Meet the ladies behind our parang batik bandana collection the artisans from Ulur Wiji

natural dye batik indonesia - ulur wiji- conscious dyed hijab


ulurwiji indonesian batik artisan kemlagi mojokerto


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