Hijau - Batik Bandana Handkerchief Scarves


A beautiful, earthy and rustic toned bandana.  Recognizable through its s-shaped design, batik Parang was once only to be worn by those who had royal bloodline in the Yogyakarta region during the Majapahit empire. 

To remind the vast sources of the green nature, we draw spices that's local to Indonesia on to the bandana. 'Hijau' means green in Bahasa.


One of a kind - handcrafted traditional batik fabric using natural dyes that result in a unique piece of art.
Preserving Indonesian Culture - supporting the authentic and time-honored tradition of batik creation.
Gender Neutral - batik bandana patterns suitable for all genders and identities.

      Fabric: 100% Cotton

      Inspiration/Style: Parang Rusak

      Measurements approx:  60x 60cm(23.6x 23.6inch)

      Made in Kemlagi Village, Mojokerto, Indonesia

      Traced by Widya

      Made by Mei

      Dyed by Joko and Yudi



      This piece lovingly uses natural dyes.
      Colours and patterns may vary from piece to piece, making each garment one of a kind.
      Colours may naturally transfer onto light coloured fabrics and will fade with wash and wear.
      Hand wash with cold water using pH neutral detergent.
      Dry in shade.


      Learn more about Parang Batik here.

      Vancouver, BC

      Available for local pick-ups


      By purchasing you're supporting Indonesian artisans works


      Keeping the culture and traditional hand craft alive


      Proudly Indonesian heritage