Limited Run Batik Cannabis Leaf Bandana

This year, 4/20 falls during the holy month of Ramadan and we're celebrating this unique intersection with a limited run of batik cannabis leaf bandana with 100% of the profits donated to Cannabis Amnesty.


Born in Aceh, Indonesia, a region which still holds the Indigenous wisdom of this plant medicine, our story artist Romila inspired us to create a celebratory set of scarves with reparations in mind. We're choosing Cannabis Amnesty because despite legalization of cannabis in so-called "Canada," many are still incarcerated or have records for making this plant medicine accessible and Cannabis Amnesty is dedicated to righting the wrongs caused by decades of cannabis criminalization.


Products will be made after the Ramadhan (approx mid May) and the lovelies bandana will roughly take 1-2 months to make.