The Broken Durian & Parang

The Broken Durian & Parang

The Parang motif meets a durian flavoured twist in our collaboration with One Ear Brand. Inspired by a traditional motif from the region of Jambi and using double-edge selvedge technique that's over a 130 years old, these large-sized bandanas boast both fashionability and practicality.

A unique and fruity motif, Durian Pecah, or the Broken Durian motif, depicts two parts of spiky fruit which are still interlocked at the base of the stem. Each half of the fruit holds a meaning, on one side a trust and commitment to spirituality and the other, a never-ending scientific and technological curiosity.

Recognizable through its s-shaped design, batik Parang was once only to be worn by those who had royal bloodline in the Yogyakarta region during the Majapahit empire. Directly translated from “pereng” which means "cliff" or “slope,” the wavy designs illustrate waves breaking against the rock face, symbolizing the perseverance and strength of good character in the face of hardship. Check out the different types of batik Parang and the symbolism and stories behind the motif on our blog.

The results? A Japanese made double selvedge bandana with a traditional batik technique made in Mojokerto, Indonesia.



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