The Queen of Tropical Fruit Collaboration Bandana

The Queen of Tropical Fruit Collaboration Bandana
Mangosteen Batik Bandana with handpainted ceramic vase by Amy Wibowo and flowers by Diosa Blooms

We are thrilled to introduce you to our dear friend, a fellow diaspora, and an incredible artist at heart, Amy Wibowo for a collaboration that celebrates the beauty of Mangosteen. Amy is an MIT graduate and former engineer turned creative technologist. Let's hear out about the creative juice behind the design! Amy will takes us on her journey on why she choosen the mangosteen fruit for this project.

Why Mangosteen?

Amy : Mangosteen are my favorite fruit. I have lots of warm memories of trying it for the very first time while visiting family in Indonesia, and I loved it so much that my aunt will always prepare a big bag of mangosteen for my arrival.

Tell us about the design!

Amy : There are so many lovely features of the mangosteen—the leaves that form a four-leafed clover on top, the pretty magenta pulp, the white wedges that form a flower with 4 to 8 petals inside, even the way that the flower at the bottom of the mangosteen tells you how many wedges are inside (represented by the scattered flowers in the background of the design).
I wanted to show the mangosteen at all angles, top, side, inside, bottom, since all the views are cute and different—kind of like phases of the moon: full, new, waxing gibbous, quarter.

Introducing the Sustainable Batik Mangosteen Bandana



It's not just a bandana; it's a burst of fruity love and good vibes crafted with passion using traditional batik techniques dyed with indigo natural dyes in Mojokerto, Indonesia.

Big shoutout to Amy for turning her fruity memories into wearable happiness! 🎉 You can find Amy here

Don't miss out on our cute batik edition. Snag your Mangosteen Bandana now and join the fruity fashion party! 🌺🌕✨

Fruitfully Yours,

The Batik Library Team 🍇🍉🌟